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Newsletter European coordination nº 26

Newsletter European coordination nº 22

Newsletter European coordination nº 21


World Food Day


Declaration of the Executive Committee of FIMARC

VMR 120:

"Voluntary guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests in the context of national food segurity"

VMR 119:

"Principles for responsible investment in agriculture and food systems"

VMR 118:


VMR 117:

"Paris 2015"


World Food Day

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Declaration of the Executive Committee of FIMARC

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FIMARC Campaign on family farming

VMR 116:

"Peasants family farming"

VMR 115:

"Rights of peasants"

VMR 114:

"FIMARC: World Assembly 2014"

VMR 113:

"FIMARC: 50 glorious years"


World Food Day

Resolution FIMARC World Assembly - Volkersberg - Germany

 May 2014

VMR 112:

"World Assembly 2014: FIMARC 50th Anniversary"

VMR 111:

"Agro-ecology: a real alternative"

VMR 110:

"Disarmament: for peace and development"

VMR 109:

"Decrease in agricultural investments"

October, 2013

World Food Day

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April, 2013

Declaration of the Executive Committee of FIMARC in the attachment

VMR 108:

"Decrease in food consumption"

VMR 107:

"Decrease in mode of production"

VMR 106:

"Decrease in consumption of water"

VMR 105:

"Decrease in consumption of energy"

VMR 104:

"Land and natural resources grabbing by multinational companies: What threats?"

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April 27, 2012

Declaration FIMARC training seminar held in Assesse (Belgium) with the theme "Investments in Agriculture"

October, 2011

Price of foodstuffs - from crisis to stability"

VMR 103:

"Lands eviction and migrants: What reality?"

VMR 102:

"Land access and rights of indigenous communities"

VMR 101:

"World Social Forum - 2011 Dakar (Senegal)"

October, 2010

World Food Day