Objectives & Main themes

Fimarc's Objectives

  • To defend and promote the rural world through sharing and solidarity among rural people and peasants;
  • To organize movements and associations of rural adults for the improvement of their living conditions and for a dignified life for all;
  • To speak on behalf of the rural world in the UN bodies, in the Church and Civil society.

Main themes
FIMARC's main working theme is "Food Sovereignty". The concept supposes that the different movements are working on different challenges related to it depending on their specific realities.

In Asia, they are doing an important work on the issues related to the right to land in connection with food sovereignty;

In Latin America, there is an ongoing debate on the FTAA;

In Africa, the protection of seeds and access to water are major issues;

In Europe, the movements have focused their work on the reform of the CAP and the opening to new countries that joined Europe in May 2004.

We pay a special attention, especially in Asia and Latin America, to indigenous people and the marginalized layers of populations.

The work we are developing with the movements is essentially based on information and training. Through this work, we want to take part to raising the citizen awareness of the rural people so that they can usefully contribute and participate to the campaigns and argumentations for a lobbying work.